Integrated Solution
Not just a mailbox, but a complete set of integrated solutions
Mobile Desktop
Tencent Corporate Mail is an office suite for corporate WeChat
  • 01 Tencent’s corporate mail and corporate WeChat applications have a unified architecture, and the corporate address book is synchronized with corporate WeChat in real time, making management more convenient and easy.
  • 02 Sharing basic applications such as microdisks, documents, and calendars makes the working environment of enterprises more concise and efficient, and smoother collaboration and communication.
  • 03 The email account is automatically bound to the corporate WeChat account. Employees can scan the code to log in with one key, receive real-time email reminders in the corporate WeChat, and forward the email to the corporate Wecom group with one click, making work communication more efficient.
Sending and receiving emails in WeChat is simple and efficient!
  • 01 Scan the code to bind WeChat, you can log in through WeChat, no password is required for more security.
  • 02 Pay attention to the WeChat official account of Tencent Exmail box, you can receive new mail notifications, remote login reminders and other messages, which is safer and more convenient to use.
  • 03 You can use WeChat to send and receive emails anytime and anywhere by using Tencent's corporate mailbox applet, making mobile office more convenient.
    Scan code applet
    Scan code to enter the applet
Dedicated client for Tencent Exmail
Foxmail is not only the user's favorite mail sending and receiving tool, but also a dedicated client for Tencent Exmail , allowing more enterprise users to enjoy the powerful functions of Tencent Exmail .
Quickly create an account
Foxmail uses WeChat scan code or mobile phone verification to quickly create a Tencent corporate email account.
Address book synchronization
The client address book is synchronized with the web page in real time, and the contact information of the address book can be customized and displayed by the administrator.
Real-time translation
Clients can use real-time translation when reading and writing letters, and VIP members can also use multilingual translation.
Label management
The labels of the client and Tencent's corporate mail are synchronized in real time, the user experience is consistent, and file management is more convenient.
Calendar sharing
The client can share Tencent's corporate mail calendar in real time and keep track of the work schedule at any time.