Integrated solution
Not just mailbox, It is a complete set of integration solutions
Mobile Desktop
  • 01 Scan the code and pay attention to the Tencent Exmail public number, Bind WeChat, You can log in via WeChat, No password required
  • 02 Pay attention to Tencent Exmail public number, Receive new email alerts in a timely manner
  • 03 Enter Tencent Exmail Mini Program, Send and receive emails on WeChat anytime, anywhere. mobile office, Convenient and efficient.
    WeChat Mini Program
    Scan the code into the applet
Wechat Work
  • 01 Open Wechat Work from corporate mailbox, Wechat Work is consistent with corporate email address book, Easier management.
  • 02 After opening Wechat Work, Members log in to the company's WeChat to automatically bind their mailboxes, Send and receive emails quickly in Wechat Work.
  • 03 Wechat Work emails can be sent to workgroup discussions, Support quick creation of emails to participate in crowd chat, Faster work communication.
  • QQE-mail client to quickly add Tencent corporate email account. inQQSend and receive work emails in the mailbox, Don't miss important email messages.
  • New editionFoxmailEliminate corporate email account configuration, More convenient operation. FoxmailReal-time synchronization of corporate contacts, Seamless docking with Tencent Enterprise Mail.
  • inOutlookAfter configuring Tencent corporate email account, accessibleOutlookAssistant to achieve real-time synchronization of corporate email address book, Easy to find colleagues, Carry out work communication.
Tencent Cloud
  • Tencent Cloud provides domain name hosting and resolution for Tencent enterprise mailboxes SSLCertificate application and other services. Domain Names Purchased by Users from Tencent Exmail, Can be transferred to the user's personal Tencent Cloud account, Self-management.