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More advanced features, Suitable for all types of businesses
from 950 yuan/year
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Enterprise Mailbox Advantage
Mobile transceiver, Convenient and efficient
Via Tencent Exmail Mini Program, Send and receive email anytime, anywhere in WeChat;Send and receive emails in Wechat Work, Can also be transferred to work group discussion.
PCIntegration, Seamless
FoxmailOne-click configuration, Sync Tencent corporate mail calendar and corporate address book;OutlookAssistant can achieve real-time address book synchronization.
Feature-rich, Professional management
Support mail group Mail recall Mailbox features such as calendars and meeting invitations, And mail moving Approval Management functions such as backup and archive.
Multiple protection, Green safety
Based on WeChat billion-level user protection experience, 7day24Hour security monitoring;Massive anti-spam samples, Self-developed anti-spam patent algorithm, Smart filtering is foolproof.
Mailbox use function
Unlimited capacity
Unlimited capacity for Tencent Enterprise Mail Pro,
Basic version capacity1G/people
WeChat Mini Program
Link WeChat and email accounts, No download requiredAPP, Send and receive email anytime, anywhere via WeChat Mini Program
Mail recall
When the mail is sent incorrectly, Support withdrawal of messages sent to Tencent Exmail
Mail group
Support free definition of mail groups, Sending email is more convenient
Oversized accessories
Support attached when writing a letter2GOversized accessories, Send large files easily
Online documentation
Use online documents in your mailbox form, Support document import, Work more efficiently and professionally
Calendar reminder
Set according to your calendar in the mailbox, Send reminder emails or text messages regularly
meeting invitation
Support page Client sends invitation, Meeting notifications are more efficient
Mail translation
Support translation of English email content into Chinese, Easier international mail communication
Support query detailed records, Abnormal operation can be confirmed at any time
Mail collection
Add another email account, Send and receive mail from other accounts through Tencent Exmail
Intelligent group sending
Mass recipients only see their own address, Taking into account the efficiency of sending letters and customer relationships
Business Directory
Support sharing corporate address book, Members can quickly view colleagues' contact information
Conversation mode
Set conversation mode, Show related emails in the same conversation, Easy to browse mail
Global high-speed network, Ensure smooth sending and receiving of international mail
Mailbox management function
Mail archive
Archive all company messages, Safe and reliable, High-speed retrieval of audit messages at any time
Mail backup
Set backup email account and backup rules, Automatic mail backup
Mail approval
Custom approval rules, Approved emails are sent automatically, Meeting Security Management Needs
Mail recall
Administrators can withdraw members from sending to Tencent's corporate email andQQRead and unread messages in the mailbox
Mailbox move
One-click migration of old mailbox messages, Replace the mail system without losing historical mail
Mail transfer
Messages not delivered to member's mailbox are forwarded to the specified mailbox, Don't miss important messages
Restrict member outbound
Set up a restricted list, Prevent some members from sending mail, Ensuring enterprise information security
IPLogin restrictions
Set up an accountIPLogin permissions, Plugging security holes
Enterprise Signature
Customized corporate signatures and business cards, Show customers a unified corporate image
Personalized login
Customized corporate personalized login interface, Members log in to their mailboxes through a company-specific login interface
Corporate domain name
Use your corporate domain name throughout the mailbox, Create a professional brand image
Corporate announcement
Support announcement of full staff through corporate announcements, Communicate information quickly and efficiently
Rating manager
Set up a rating manager, Give members some administrative rights
Bulk send
When sending mass mail, Sender can hide some recipients
Outside domain credit restrictions
Set blacklist and whitelist for incoming mail, Keep your mail safe, While preventing false interception
WeChat secure login
Enable member secure login, Members need to scan Wechat codes to log in to their mailboxes
Typical Case
exceed 2700 Million enterprise users, Using Tencent Enterprise Mail
Higher education
Financial securities
Government organization
Medical institutions
the Internet
Domestic services
Industrial manufacturing
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