Professional and safe corporate email service
Buy it now and give a corporate domain
Unlimited accounts, free expansion
VIP accounts can be purchased on demand and assigned to some members; other members can use ordinary accounts for free, and there is no upper limit for ordinary accounts.
Global interconnection, unimpeded
Enterprise mailboxes have strong overseas connection capabilities, and overseas delivery IPs are distributed in many countries such as the United States, Singapore, Australia, etc., so that mail is sent and received unimpeded.
Powerful and professional management
Hierarchical management, archiving, backup, moving, approval, and other functions make management more efficient; schedule meetings, notification announcements, personalized group sending, and confidential emails make it easier to use.
Mobile application, efficient collaboration
In WeChat and WeCom, email is at your fingertips. It is also used as an WeCom office suite to share basic applications such as address books, microdisks, documents, and calendars, making communication and collaboration smoother.
Foxmail, exclusive experience
Foxmail deeply integrates with Tencent Exmail , which can use the powerful functions of Tencent Exmail to make desktop client office more efficient and convenient.
Multiple protection, pure and safe
Based on the WeChat billion-level user protection experience, 24/7 security monitoring; massive anti-spam samples, self-developed anti-spam patented algorithms, making work more pure and efficient.
The more you buy, the lower price
lowest 0.16 yuan/day/person,
You can use the professional and secure Tencent corporate mail service.
Number of VIP accounts:
Purchase tips:
A VIP account with more advanced features is recommended for employees frequently sending and receiving emails. Other users can use ordinary accounts for free.
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Typical Cases
More than 30 million corporate users are using Tencent’s corporate email
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Public Welfare Program
Non-profit organizations wishing to use all the services of Tencent Exmail can apply to join our charity assistance program.
The following public welfare projects have been served for free
Tencent volunteers
Baby go home
Zhuo Ru Medical Charity Relief Foundation
China Social Welfare Foundation