Non-profit Organization Application
Non-profit organization application
If you wish to join the Tencent Exmail's Nonprofit Support Program, please register the basic version first. Your free version will be upgraded to the paid version if your application is approved.
* 1. Organization name
Only support organizations registered in Mainland China, and the full subject name cannot be modified after successful authentication.
* 2. Organization code
* 3. Name of the legal representative/person in charge
Please fill in the registrant or legal person on the license.
* 4. Mobile number
Only mobile phone numbers in Mainland China are supported.
* 5. Admin account of the free version
To apply for a nonprofit organization, you need to have a Tencent Exmail basic version account.
* 6. Number of Accounts Applied For
Enter the number of all accounts that the whole organization needs to apply for, e.g., enter 100 when the organization needs 100 accounts.
* 7. Organization Code Certificate
The organization code certificate must be within the validity period; Format requirements: original photo, scanned copy or photocopy with official seal; Support .jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif .png format photos, the size does not exceed 5M.
8. Organization Website URL
9. Other Supporting Documents
Submit other supporting materials here; Support .jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif .png format photos, the size does not exceed 5M.