Non-profit organization application
Non-profit organization application
If you want to join Tencent Enterprise Mail, Please register as a free version first. Nonprofit organizations that have applied, Free version mailbox will be upgraded to paid version.
* of association
Only organizations registered in Mainland China, The subject name cannot be modified after successful authentication.
* 2.Organization code
* 3.Legal representative/name of person in charge
Please fill in the licensee or legal person.
* number
Only support mobile phone numbers in Mainland China.
* 5.Free administrator account opened
To apply for a nonprofit organization, Need to have a Tencent ExmailFree Edition Account.
* 6.Accounts applied for
Please fill in the number of all accounts required for the entire organization, Such as:Organization needs100Account, Just fill100.
* 7.Organization code certificate
Organization code certificate must be within the validity period; format requirement:Original photo Scanned copy or official seal; stand by.jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif .pngFormat photos, Not more than5M.
8.Organization website link
9.Other supporting materials
Submit other supporting documents here; stand by.jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif .pngFormat photos, Not more than5M.