Non-profit Organization Application
Non-profit organization application
If you want to join the pro bono program of Tencent Exmail, please register as a free user first. Through the applied public welfare organization, the free version of the mailbox will be upgraded to the paid version.
* Company ID:
If the basic version of Corporate Mail is not available at present, please firstEnable Now.
* Company Domain Name:
Please fill in the current corporate email domain name and point to Tencent Corporate Mail.
* Number of VIP accounts applied for (unit):
* Name of public welfare organization:
* Organization Code:
* Legal representative:
* Phone No.:
* Domain name owner certificate:
The certificate of domain name owner must be within the range of validity. Photocopies of photos, scanned copies or official seals; Jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif and png formats are supported, and the size is no more than 5m.
* Organization code certificate:
The organization code certificate must be within the validity period; Format requirements: original photo, scanned copy or photocopy with official seal; Support .jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif .png format photos, the size does not exceed 5M.
Links to the official website of the organization:
Other supporting materials:
Submit other supporting materials here; Support .jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif .png format photos, the size does not exceed 5M.