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Security Verification

  • Tencent Exmail Security White Paper
    Fully demonstrates the information security capacities of Tencent Exmail
  • Certification to ISO/IEC27018 Code of Practice for Protecting Personal Data in Public Cloud
    Passed the highest level public cloud personal privacy protection certification in China-ISO/IEC27018 corporate office products
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  • Certification to ISO/IEC27001 Information Security Management
    With all information security certifications from the British Standards Institution (BSI), Tencent Exmail has taken the lead in information security management in the international community.
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  • ISO/IEC20000 Information Technology Service Management System Certification
    Tencent Exmail has successfully passed the international standard certification of ISO20000 information technology service management system, and has an internationally recognized organization IT operation and service delivery management level
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  • National Information Security Classified Protection (Level 3)
    Tencent Exmail has passed the highest-level certification on non-bank organizations in China, and its capabilities in information data security control are recognized by the Ministry of Public Security.
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