Global interconnection, unimpeded
Enterprise mailboxes have strong overseas connection capabilities, and overseas delivery IPs are distributed in many countries such as the United States, Singapore, Australia, etc., so that mail is sent and received unimpeded.
Tencent self-developed GSLB global load balancing
Through the load balancing system of global IDC speed measurement and global traffic intelligent scheduling, users can access nearby, and provide fast, safe and stable domain name recursive resolution services and access links for global mail delivery.
Abundant overseas link nodes
Relying on Tencent Cloud and Amazon Cloud AWS cloud computing, it provides dedicated mail delivery links with large bandwidth, low latency and high redundancy all over the world to ensure the real-time and accurate arrival of mail overseas.
Delivery queue intelligent scheduling system
Maintain high-quality delivery links through close cooperation with foreign mail organizations, and distribute outgoing mail redundantly to multiple links. Through the highly concurrent delivery queue intelligent scheduling system, the optimal link can be intelligently selected when the network fluctuates. Retry delivery in time to ensure priority delivery of important mail.