Use Function Management Function
Efficient and convenient function
Supports powerful functions such as group posting, withdrawal, calendar sharing, meeting invitations, etc., making it easier for members to use.
Unlimited capacity
Tencent Exmail Professional Edition has unlimited capacity, basic edition capacity is 1G/person
WeChat MiniProgram
You can link WeChat and email accounts to send and receive emails anytime anywhere through WeChat Mini Program, eliminating the need to download the app.
Email Recall
Emails sent by mistake to Tencent Exmail can be recalled.
Email Group
Email groups can be customized, making it easier to send emails.
Large Attachment
Large attachments of up to 2 GB are supported, enabling you to easily send large files.
Online Docs
You can use online documents and forms in the email, with file import supported, making work more efficient and professional.
Calendar Reminder
Send reminder emails or SMS messages regularly according to the calendar settings in your email.
Meeting Invitation
Send invitations on the web page or client, making meeting notification more efficient.
Email Translation
Support the translation of English emails into Chinese, making it easier to communicate with foreigners.
Self-Service Search
Support for querying detailed records, with abnormal operations confirmed at any time.
Mail collection
Add other email accounts, and then send emails to and receive emails from other accounts through Tencent Exmail.
Smart broadcast
Recipients can only see their own addresses, in consideration of both the efficiency of sending emails and customer relationships.
Corporate Directory
Support sharing of Corporate Directory, so that members can quickly check the contact information of colleagues.
Session Mode
Set the session mode to display incoming and outgoing emails in the same session, facilitating email browsing.
International Network
A high-speed global network ensures smooth email sending and receiving across countries.
Company Cloud Disk
The large-capacity enterprise network disk is convenient for sharing files and collaborative office within the enterprise.
Secret Emails
It needs the recipient's mobile phone and WeChat verification to open it, which meets the company's information security requirements.
Members can issue notices to the enterprise, which can be sent to 10,000 people within three minutes.